Software solution for General Aviation business management

It's there to make it all easier

Aviation in general is very beautiful and charming thing to do and that is undeniable. PERIOD.

But… Yes, there is always a „but”. Running aviation business may be a challenge to keeping up with all the paperwork around it, monitoring people, resources, schedules, costs, earnings and all other small tiny bits that You can’t just skip but You really wish to. Sounds like army of people, right? Yeah! Or single GA MATE for BUSINESS

People management

Members, employees, students, tenants, pilots. Organized archive and action center to manage relations within Your flight business.

Reporting and statistics

Easy to ready and understand automated statistics for operating areas with customizable reports to match local regulations.

Payment automation

Online, instant payments for all your services with ability to charge Your members for services served such as plane storage or flight hours.


Manage Your fleet’s schedule, monitor stats and detailed flight log, track maintenance progress, custom tickets and be up to date with important notifications

Flight school

Monitor Your students and their individual training progress, keep Your whole Flight Instructor crew on the same page in no time!

Pilot's app

Reward Your members with end-user GA MATE application and benefit from unified environment within Your business!

Details are the key to success

We have created GA MATE for BUSINESS to help You stay focused on business development itself rather than on details which are still vital part of successful company. We believe that automation of tasks that no longer require notebook, calculator, pen and calendar is the right thing to do. 

GA MATE for Business stores, updates, reports and monitors as many areas of operations met by General Aviation business so You and Your crew stay busy with growing Your customer database, buying new planes or for instance, flying! 

The application has modules presenting clear and focused view on associated actions and facts as well as summarized dashboards. What’s more – GA MATE is also every pilot’s application that has all the information needed by pilot to fly safe and efficiently like personal and aircraft logbook, flight tracker and planner, forecast monitor, licence tracker and many more. Not only Your business and it’s members can be unified in terms of software used but we can also deliver individual solutions for Your needs.

Continuously expanded with each country’s regulations GA MATE offers possibility to preapre automated reports that match local legal regulations like Tech Logbooks, flight plans and more. We’re here for You!

Hands in the air already? Yes, what's the question? 🙂

Here's how GA MATE for Business looks

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Why Choose HTG Aviation and GA MATE for BUSINESS?

At HTG Aviation, we understand that managing a successful aviation business can be a daunting task. That’s why we developed GA MATE for BUSINESS – the ultimate software solution for General Aviation business management. Our powerful tool automates tedious tasks and provides you with clear and focused views on all operational areas. With GA MATE, you can manage people, aircraft, schedules, track maintenance progress, and much more. It’s the perfect way to stay organized and focused on growing your business. Choose HTG Aviation and GA MATE for BUSINESS to fly smart, fly safe, and fly ahead of the competition. Try GA MATE for BUSINESS now.


No! In GA MATE You can create as many entries as You need and we will store them indefinitely.

GA MATE offers instant mobile and online payments so Your customers can pay fees and charges swiftly and You have balance available instantly. If Your business offers additional services, all of them are applicable for online instant payments. 
Credit card, ApplePay, Google Pay, Stripe, we have it all!

Sure! As user You have access to unlimited businesses and aircrafts that You own or You’re assigned to as manager. For ease of use it’s all accessible from Your individual GA MATE account.

Unique businesses make this industry vital and going forward and therefore we’re fully open to deliver individual solutions for individual businesses! Get in touch with us ans we will come up with tailored solution.

GA MATE has ability to import many common formats and in addition to this our customer service team is always there to help get You up and running in no time!

It’s unified system so those two panels offer amazing integration and user experience. All assets are available globally, tickets and payments can be assigned per user and monitored on both ends, user flights using Business fleet carefully tracked and many more – pretty much ultimate solution to manage and track all affiliated activities.

Your safety is crucial for us. GA MATE is safe, protected system and has many tools to make sure that only approved personel has access to selected data and actions.

We have various pricing models for businesses available. Get in touch with us – we’d love to hear about Your business and suggest the best option of GA MATE to go with!